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Eating Out- Italian Food While On Medifast

Posted on: April 27, 2009

Last night, my husband and I went out to eat at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. It took me about almost 7 weeks of being on Medifast to feel that I had the willpower enough to resist all of my favorite foods and temptations on Medifast. Especially for the first few weeks, I really didn’t trust myself to go out to eat at a place like this. Italian food IS MY FAVORITE food of all time. I could eat it everyday. I’m a rather picky eater, so it’s easy for me to say this is my favorite. I’m not a fan of most red meat, cooked vegetables (although I love raw veggies), or things that come out of the ocean… so my options are a bit limited.

So finally, I felt I was ready to embark on this adventure… eating out at a restaurant that offered all of my favorites. Pasta, fresh bread, cheesy everything, and the most decadent and delicious Italian chocolate cake you will ever eat in your lifetime…it was all there.  All of this aside, I really wanted to go to a nice place for dinner, and my husband, who isn’t on Medifast, was still able to eat most of the food. We were also celebrating some of the great things going on our our lives at this time, and we really didn’t want to eat somewhere else. We wanted a nice relaxing evening at our favorite restaurant. We were in dire need of a mini-date, if you will.

So I did it. As soon as I walked in, I was instantly overtaken by the smell of fresh breads and cheesy pastas. It was heavenly, but I was sticking to this. I looked down at my much flatter stomach and realized that I COULD do this. I looked to the sides of my body, where my arms looked smaller, and my shirt fit better… and remembered how far I’ve come.

I said to myself: I will do this! I will come out victorious!


So, as we browsed the menu, I found something that looked rather delicious and Lean and green compliant. It was Lemon Rosemary Chicken Breast and Saute’d Green Beans. It also came with a side of Angel hair pasta with marinara, but I asked them to substitute it for a salad with light or fat free dressing, and they gladly complied.

Our food came, and although my husband’s plate full of pasta that looked drool-worthy, my food actually looked better! I happily dug in, and it was amazing! I’m not a big fan of green beans, but they were actually quite good!

I left our favorite restaraunt NOT feeling deprived and NOT feeling bad for myself, but like I had just dominated a 5 mile run. I felt accomplished and victorious.

I am no longer hiding from eating out… I can do this!


2 Responses to "Eating Out- Italian Food While On Medifast"

Okay…so I’m thinking our lives are starting to mirror! Yesterday – I went out with some friends from college and a few of our professors. We try to get together every few months for updates…relationships, jobs, travel, family…all the fun things in life! – 90% of the females around my age in attendance are small…weight is not an issue in there lives. Our professors…are a little aged – so I don’t think they worry as much about the extra pounds.

The restaurant for our outing was MEXICAN….so immediately my concern was chips and salsa – my favorite – how could I control myself without going overboard as usual….going chip after chip…until my dinner came and then adding chips between bites of my mean – as usual.

I walked in saying…I’m going to order a grilled chicken salad with chicken and lettuce – nothing else and use a little salsa as dressing. I told myself that the chips on the table in front of me that everyone else was eating…were NOT for me. I wanted to walk out thanking the Lord for strength to get through. Once I made up my mind….it was a done deal first time walking in and out of a Mexican restaurant without eating…chips…and more!

I have not stepped FOOT into an Italian restaurant yet…that is my favorite too – Olive Garden, Carrabbas….you name it – I’m just not ready for that step yet! It took you 7 weeks…no telling when I’ll be ready for that leap! The only good thing is that my boyfriend just started Medifast so I think that will make dinner dates a little easier….

I love how we are really coming out victorious! Yay…to the word “NO”

That’s a great victory! Congrats on keeping it together around Mexican food! (which is also a favorite, because it features lots of cheese. ) 🙂 Yeah, it really did take me a bit of time to feel confident enough to know I could say no to my favorites… you’ll know when you’re ready!

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